When Should You Apply?

All participating students must apply for each school year.  

What Is

APSTO Scholarships are funded through the generous tax credit donations from Individuals and Corporations.

  • Original Scholarships are funded through the Original Individual Tax Credit Law, enacted in 1997 as A.R.S. 43-1089. Any student enrolled in a Private School in grades K-12 (or a preschool student with disabilities) qualifies for this scholarship.

  • Overflow Scholarships are funded through the Switcher Tax Credit Law which took effect in August of 2012 as A.R.S. 43-1089.03.

Corporate/Low-Income Scholarship: To qualify students must fall under one of the four following categories and be considered low income according to 185% of income level set by the Federal Reduced Lunch Guideline (see household income guideline below): 

1.    Switchers: Students who have switched from an Arizona public or charter school after having attended the public school for at least 90 days/ one full semester in the prior school year.
2.    Kindergartners: All Kindergarten students entering into an Arizona private school qualify. Pre-K students with a disability also qualify with an IEP or 504 plan.
3.    Military: Students who are the dependents of a member of the US Armed Forces stationed in Arizona pursuant to military orders.
4.    Previous Scholarship Award: Students who have previously received a scholarship in a prior year from any of the scholarship programs (Corporate, Individual or Overflow and has continued in private school after receiving the award.


Federal Reduced-Lunch Program Guidelines
Effective for School Year 2019-2020

Arizona Corporate Scholarship
Income Guidelines

Household Size


Annual Income

























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Income levels for free or reduced-price lunches for academic year 2019/2020 can be found at the following address: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2019-03-20/pdf/2019-05183.pdf

Reduced price lunch annual income eligibility guidelines by household size are shown in the table below, along with the next income threshold comparison specified in statute.

Household Size Reduced price lunch income threshold (185% of poverty level) 342.25% of poverty level (185% of 185% of poverty level)
1 $23,107 $42,747
2 $31,284 $57,874
3 $39,461 $73,002
4 $47,638 $88,129
5 $55,815 $103,257
6 $63,992 $118,384
7 $72,169 $133,512
8 $80,346 $148,639
Each additional member $8,177 $15,127

Individual Original Tax Credit Scholarship:

All students attending a private school can apply. Family income while considered, is not a limiting factor.

Overflow/Plus/Switcher Tax Credit Scholarship:

Students who qualify for the Original Tax Credit scholarship  may also qualify for Overflow scholarship. Your child can qualify if they are a Switcher, a Kindergartner, a military dependent, or has received a previous Corporate or Overflow award in a prior year, please provide the appropriate documentation. 


Disabled and Displaced (Lexie’s Law):

1.    Disabled: Students who are identified as having a disability under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or by a school district, must provide a cop of either an IEP, 504 Plan, or MET issued by an Arizona public school (this document does not have to be current in order to qualify).
2.    Displaced: Students who are or have been placed in foster care at any time before the student graduates high school.

Family Accounts?

Per the Arizona Department of Revenue, scholarship awards are only given to individual students. There are no family accounts. These awards are nontransferable, even within the same family.